Lucky girl

Not going to lie, September is kind of kicking my ass. 

Work is super busy, I'm traveling a ton, and I miss my puppy and my favorite person. 

But I'm lucky, and here's why...
1. Even though I had to travel for work this week, I'm with my parents! (Did get scolded for not calling at least once a week though.)
2. I have a job that trusts me enough to send me to moderate a panel at fashion week (eek!)
3. My dad recommended this awesome book that I read in one night: Brain on Fire
4. My favorite person handles my random texts pretty well...

See that? Not even a flinch. 

September will be tough. But the best things in life are worth it, right?

How many days until October again?

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This guy...

So, out of the 8 readers of my blog I email with most of you semi-regularly, so I've probably told you about C. And the other person who reads this is his sister, so...she knows (hi Carlye!)

But for those of you that I haven't emailed lately (sorry!)....this is Chris. Or C, as I've been referring to him here lately.

In short, he's smart and handsome and kind and makes me laugh.

In long (not an actual phrase), he's the peanut butter to my jelly, the guy who rescues me from bats in my apartment, who checks for criminals when I call him in the middle of the night scared. He's the guy who opens my car door every time, surprised me with concert tickets, and listens when I vent. He's the most unselfish person I've ever met, and he makes me happier than I've ever been. When I ask him to tell me something funny, he always has something to tell. He loves bananas. And doesn't mind when I make him take a million couple selfies because I always think I look weird. He's handy and he loves Midas, and he made a pact to never tickle me.

Never in my life did I think I'd be so lucky. Never in my life do I think I'll be able to be as wonderful as he thinks I am. But I am willing to spend every day trying.

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That time with the bat

Imagine it's 3:30am on a Saturday evening (so technically Sunday). You've already had one animal emergency because your dog (OK, my dog) accidentally swallowed a huge piece of rawhide. 

I woke up from what I think was some kind of dream and saw what I thought, in my bleary half awake state, was a big moth flying the ceiling perimeter of my bedroom. Maybe a bird. I wake the dog and the boyfriend and wander into the hall and's a bat. There is a bat in my bedroom.

We try in vain to get the bat to leave, and he disappears into the kitchen. We (dumbly) assume he made it out the same way he came in, through a hole under the sink my landlord swore didn't go to the outside.

Fast forward two days. 

I'm about to fall asleep watching Friends (my nightly routine) and suddenly, the bat is back. 

But really, the bat wasn't back. He'd never left. Luckily, I have an amazing man who came and captured the bat (see below) and comforted Midasman and me. OK, just me. Midas was unaffected. 

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Best Intentions

(or, your average Monday night)

Sunday nights are rough for me (Chris can attest to this). I love my job, but it's such an adjustment every Monday to go back to work and be without the man for two days (yup, I'm that sappy).

But by Monday afternoon, I have made an ambitious list of what I'll do that night. Usually it's working out, grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking for the week.

Know what I end up doing? Watching last week's Pretty Little Liars and maybe doing a load of laundry.

And tonight was no different, although I did force myself to make some chicken to put in a sandwich tomorrow. At least I made a grocery list. That counts, right?

Oh, and there may have been a secret stealthy stop to Chris's apartment to leave a treat.

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A good Monday night is...

workout done by 7:30 (love my new Nike running shoes)
delicious homemade dinner
Pretty Little Liars on my dvr
clean, happy puppy in my lap

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Midsummer Dinner Party

I made new friends! C already knew them, but they're new to me so it counts. They're lovely and different and I can't wait to get to know them better.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about how I had them over for dinner and what I made.

I'm one of those people who dreams of throwing dinner parties for friends every week. Sort of....Ina Garten style. (Doesn't she seem to know the best people?) I was pretty happy with how this came off.

Clockwise from left: caprese salad, banh mi sliders, pickled veggies, and strawberry crisp

We're hoping to make weekly dinners a tradition, and I can't wait for next week. 

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Getting out of numbers

A certain someone I know has this one phrase he uses...'getting out of' things. For example, he has an iPad to read on because he's 'getting out of books'. And he got rid of all his tshirts with logos on them because he's 'getting out of print'.

It's kind of a lame joke, but it makes me laugh.

I decided to get out of numbers. Specifically, numbers on the scale. Specifically, my weight.

Remember that mini meltdown I had? That night I chose my mental health over a number. And I feel so. much. better. It's really refreshing to not know what I weigh, and not care about it. I want to focus on feeling healthy, not skinny. On being strong, not thin. On being balanced in what I eat, instead of exclusive.

Honestly, self acceptance is more challenging than any diet for me, but I'm excited.

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