Getting out of numbers

A certain someone I know has this one phrase he uses...'getting out of' things. For example, he has an iPad to read on because he's 'getting out of books'. And he got rid of all his tshirts with logos on them because he's 'getting out of print'.

It's kind of a lame joke, but it makes me laugh.

I decided to get out of numbers. Specifically, numbers on the scale. Specifically, my weight.

Remember that mini meltdown I had? That night I chose my mental health over a number. And I feel so. much. better. It's really refreshing to not know what I weigh, and not care about it. I want to focus on feeling healthy, not skinny. On being strong, not thin. On being balanced in what I eat, instead of exclusive.

Honestly, self acceptance is more challenging than any diet for me, but I'm excited.

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