Easter Sunday

I have been overwhelmed this week with gratitude for the lovely people in my life. Friends and family who support me and love me, coworkers who are so patient and funny, and random nice people (like neighbors) who make me smile when I run into them.

Finishing exams has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and it's been so easy to be happy and content. I wish I was better at feeling that way during times of stress as well, but I definitely let myself get anxious when there are big things at stake. (You know, like finishing my masters.)

In an effort to get better at relaxing, I want to take some time occasionally to write down things that make me happy, so I don't forget to appreciate the little things.

Tonight, I'm grateful for:
- sunny, warm weather and the opportunity to enjoy it
- friends who are like family to me
- new friends that I can't wait to get to know better
- Midasman, always

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