words of Frosty wisdom

Robert Frost is sort of my favorite. (And by sort of I mean I can recite "The Road Less Traveled" from memory.)

Remember those graduate school exams I had that I was super freaked out about? Well they're over. And like the majority of things in life that we dread...they weren't that bad. 

The only obstacle between me and graduating is my portfolio presentation. Most of it is done, but I need to make one last short in the next three weeks. And while I'm completely freaked out about getting it done and making a project I'm proud of, I also know that life will go on. The project will get done, I'll graduate, and then I'll go to London for a while. 

And everything will be fine. 

ps: Do I have the greatest people in my life or what? So much support the past couple weeks from even unexpected sources (random people at work, you are lovely) and of course from the people I love. 

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