music monday - TSwift

Because tomorrow my comprehensive exams start, and I'm freaking.
...and if I don't pass these exams then I don't graduate my masters program.
...and the study guide is 400+ terms, at least 100 of which I've never heard of.

Because yesterday was a fantastic day, and even if nothing comes of this new thing I've got going on I'm really enjoying it for now, and it's good to be reminded that nice guys are out there.

Because this whole album (which came out on my birthday!) got me through a horrendous breakup.

Because TSwift is clearly my spirit animal and someone understands all my feelings despite being so very young.

Because I don't care if everyone I know makes fun of me and my un-ironic obsession with Taylor Swift.

Because this song makes me happy, and I could use a big dose of that right about now.

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