future Mrs. P

One of my favorite people is getting in just over a month, so yesterday we threw a semi-impromptu bridal shower.

I was pretty proud of how it turned out, especially since it came together in about a week, and I have a three day client summit that ended the night before.

The spread: croissant sandwiches with chicken salad or turkey and cheese, salads with strawberries, almonds, and feta
Treats: peanut butter mousse bars (that I made from scratch and then found out Jello makes a box mix for), cupcakes that Kimber made, and brownies that someone never made it over to the table.
Decorations: purple and white tulips in stainless steel planters, green chinese lanterns, purple fans, and purple and pearl sixlets

The reason the lovely bride to be looks like a pirate in the photo above is thanks to a Brazilian game wherein the bride has to guess what the gift is, and if she guesses wrong the person who gave it to her puts makeup on her. If she gets it right, the giver gets painted.

I made a Vine video of how everyone looked, it's in the tweet below.

Oh and that tiny pup is Piper, Jolyn's dog, who I fully intend for Midas to fall in love with. We've already planned their wedding.

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