I can do hard things...right?

Please bear with me while I engage in some major white girl problems whining.

My fabulous and wonderful job is sending me to London for two weeks at the end of April!

But...this means that in the next four weeks I need to...
- attend a 3 day work summit thing
- throw a bridal shower for one of my favorite people the next day
- take comprehensive exams for two days straight on everything I've learned in three years of graduate school
- continue do my job 50+ hours a week

and for the bonus round...
- lose the 12 pounds I gained post breakup (oops!)
- try to have a life
- spend time with the best man in my life (Midasmonster, obviously)
- put in several hours a day waiting for the phone to ring

All of this begs the question: I can do all this, right? I can push myself to the breaking point for four weeks, and make it out fine on the other side. After all, I just have to PASS the exams, not ace them. I just have to MAKE the film, not win an academy award for it.

Better or worse, it's all over in four weeks. And then I get on a plane for London.

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