Life's simple pleasures

Even though I've been on 'break' from school since mid December, the past few weeks have been busy busy busy. And life is about to get even crazier. I have to move up to Park City a week earlier than anticipated, and with school starting on Monday I don't even know which way is up right now.

So I thought I'd take a minute to breathe and remember the small things that make me happy.

1. clean sheets
2. a new toothbrush
3. towels warm from the dryer
4. warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk
5. the cool side of the pillow
6. first kisses (usually, unless they're terrible)
7. snuggling with a puppy (or a kitten)
8. hot cocoa with marshmallows
9. laughing until your stomach hurts
10. good hair days

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