music monday - I am awesome edition.

Today I taught a college class for the first time. Not a presentation, not a mini lecture. A full class. My students. 70 of them.

I kicked ass.

And I'm not sorry for bragging. Because I put a lot of thought into what I was teaching, and I prepared. And it's that preparation that allowed me to throw some of it out the window and go off on a tangent that might have left me standing in front of 70 students staring at me with blank faces and metaphorical crickets chirping. But instead, we discussed. They raised their hands, they shouted things out. They were into it. And so was I.

Today I rose above. And it felt so good.

I used to hate this song, but now I love it. And it was perfect to listen to tonight. Too bad it's not the actual video from Glee.

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