things I am thankful for

Every year at Thanksgiving we think of the things we're grateful for. And usually it's the big things...our families, our freedom, etc. And I'm thankful for those big things, I really am. But sometimes it's nice to look at the little, unexpected things that make life bearable.

So this year my list is not the obvious things. It's the unobvious things.

1. my roommate Laura, who always has great advice and is just lovely in general.
2-4. 30 Rock
5.Village Inn, because it's open 24 hours and I usually want pie after my Wednesday night class.
6. Solid food. After a week of pudding and smoothies, solid food is still rocking my world.
7. Salt Lake Library
8. Scented candles
9. my ugly, super warm and comfy boots
10. Netflix, because it brings me (among other things) 30 Rock
11. new music
12. unexpectedly hilarious afternoons with C just when I need them
13. text messages from friends that are exactly what I need to hear
14. flannel pajamas
15. new friends
16. when people play with my hair
17. Cafe Rio
18. my car, Babe. Maybe I'm a little obsessed, but she makes me so happy.

OK, couldn't resist:
19. my dad, who flew across the country to take care of me after I had my wisdom teeth out. He iced my face while I slept and fixed everything that was broken in my apartment. He helped me take out trash, clean my room, and organize my closet. Plus all that other stuff the last 27 years.

20. my mom, who listens to me say the same things over and over again and never complains. And who always thinks I'm beautiful and wonderful and the best kid ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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