conversations with Jordan, part I

The other day in class Jordan came in late (as usual) so it was dark. Because it's a film class. So after the film the lights come on and the following comes out of Jordan's mouth:

"You dyed your hair. I like it, you don't look as washed out."

me: "Um, thanks?"

"I mean you look pretty, I just said it like an a**hole. If we were on a desert island I would totally try to dominate you with violence until you submitted and called me the original man."

(that part sounds weird but we'd just watched Swept Away, so it actually made a weird sort of sense)

And then we made jokes about punching our significant others in the face. Which was darkly funny at the time but now sort of sad because I have a bruise on my lip that makes it look like I got punched in the mouth.

Life is funny, no?

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