Inside the thrilling conversations D and I have

Someone is eating broccoli on TV
me: Do you like broccoli?
D: (gross face) No.
me: Noted.
D: Well, I like it steamed.
me: So you do like broccoli...
D: No, I like it steamed.
me: (metaphorical face to palm)

Trying the super healthy new banana bread recipe
D: Is it me, or is it missing flavor?
me: Well doesn't it taste like bananas?
D: Yeah, but, it's missing flavor.
me: There's no butter in it.
D: That's it.
me: It's missing butter flavor?
D: (looks at me like I'm an idiot) Yeah.

Maybe you don't think this is funny, but it cracks me up. And it's my blog ;)

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