in which I am a terrible blogger

Though I hesitate to even use the word 'blogger' since it has so many different connotations than the one I actually mean - which is that I have a blog. That I update sometimes. And that people read sometimes (I see you, readers on the East Coast, I see you.)

I keep thinking I'll blog and then I get distracted with other working out or cooking or D (who I haven't really talked about but who is becoming a huge time suck, in a really good way) or school. And the truth is, there should really be more school.

So this is a post about how I haven't been posting and I want to, I really do. Because I've been having all these THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and what better way to digest them than by writing? Hopefully once this crazy week (and the next crazy week) end I'll have some time to really sit down and write, but until then you loyal readers (all 12 of you) might be stuck with silly mini posts.

I hope you live.

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