Things to be excited about: March

This time next week I'll be in sunny California! To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

It's been years since I was in California, and I can't wait to see the beach. And Disneyland! (I've never been, and I feel like a little kid right now.)

This month is shaping up to be pretty fantastic. And so...(because I love lists)...a list of things I'm excited about this month:

1. California trip: Disneyland, beach, warm weather, great company
2. St Patrick's Day Shamrock Shake with Rachel (well...with her in spirit)
3. Fun. concert on March 31
4. Festival of Colors (I couldn't go last year so I don't want to miss it)
5. Jeremy's thesis film shoot this weekend (going to be a lot of work but I think I'll learn a lot)
6. A certain new someone I'm a pretty big fan of (do you like how I resisted listing this first?)
7. Warm weather! (wishing and hoping)

With all that to look forward to, how could the rest of March not be as great as the first week?

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