Dear Friend,
I'm listening to that one singer you introduced me to and so of course I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to call you my friend. And that you listen to me alllll the time when I am being crazy. And that you don't think it's weird when I say that I've scheduled crying in bed time. And that you don't mind that I am one of those people whose emotions are so close to the surface that sometimes crying in bed spills over into crying ANYWHERE. Mostly the car.

I know I've said this before, but I just watched Nights in Rodanthe so I'm particularly a mess. The thing I took away from that is to say what you're feeling when you feel it, because you might not get another chance. So in case you ever forget, I'm grateful for you, you wonderful lady.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Remember the time you (dad) got out of surgery and the only thing you wanted for dinner was  PB&J? It broke my heart. Because I pictured you laying in that hospital bed, helpless like a little kid. If desire alone could transport me across the country, I would have been there with you two. Thanks for being the kind of parents that downplay things because you know I'll worry. Thanks for raising me to be the kind of person who worries about the people I love. And for being the cool hand on my forehead (literally and metaphorically). And for making sure I know how much you love me. All the time.

It's nice, every now and then, to take a moment and realize just how lucky we are, no?

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