in which I get alllll metaphorical up in here.

There are few things as refreshing as a good purge. And obviously, I don't mean the finger down the throat kind. I mean the closet purge, the pantry purge, the refrigerator purge. The good kinds.

Every season (sometimes more frequently) I go through my closet and drawers and get rid of everything that doesn't fit anymore. And I don't just mean size-wise. I mean it doesn't fit my life anymore, or my body, or my style, or it hasn't been worn in ages but I couldn't bear to get rid of it before now because it had sentimental meaning.

I've been wondering lately...can I do the same thing with my life? Is it as easy to get rid of habits or activities or friends that don't fit you anymore? Would it be just as refreshing? At what point do you donate the friend that you just couldn't get yourself to get rid of even though you know they don't fit your life anymore? Or do you hang on to them, hoping you'll find a way to wear them in your new life?

I get frustrated with myself when I keep things around that only bring me down. Like a dress that I love that just doesn't look quite right, but I don't purge it. And it hangs in my closet, a constant reminder of what could be but isn't. And every time I see it I get frustrated.

I realize people aren't sweaters. And habits aren't shoes. But sometimes, I really wish cleaning out my life were as easy as a trip to Goodwill.

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