First script reading? Check.

I could not have asked for more from this week. For quite a while, I've been feeling really insecure about whether I belong in film school. After all, I didn't spend my teen years making movies with my friends, or locked up in my room writing scripts, or watching foreign film or even worshipping Spielberg (b/c I'm not Dawson).

And when you spend your time in class with people who did one if not two or three of the above-mentioned, it can be a little intimidating. Film programs aren't like other programs. Sure, I have to write papers. But more importantly, I have to create a significant body of work. Did you catch that? Create.

OK, so back to how I've been feeling lately...this semester I have to make a documentary and write a script. I know that's only two things, but trust me it's a lot. So when things went well on Monday in my doc class I was pretty psyched. But the biggest obstacle this week was that I had to do a script reading. On the first script I've ever written. Well, the first 15 pages of the first script I've ever written.

And you know what? It went great. I was pretty nervous, because I wasn't feeling super confident about what I'd written, but it was really positively received. Yay!

I know it probably sounds like I'm just being full of myself, but I don't really care. It's my blog and I'll brag if I want to.

Besides, I really needed this week.

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One Response to First script reading? Check.

Kristy said...

That's great Jo! You're only a few weeks into the semester and already kicking trash!

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