Today, I was perfect.

For three whole minutes.

At least, that's what my professor said after watching my in-class shoot from last week. It was projected on the big screen, and when he asked who shot it twenty seconds in, I was a little nervous. An early response is either really good or really bad.

But at 40 seconds in, when I zoomed in from a medium shot to a close up and he said 'that's exactly it' I knew things were going my way.

"That was perfect."

Forgive me if I brag, but I OWNED that shoot. And since this particular professor is known for being, ummm, difficult...what he said carries a lot of weight for me.

Yeah, today was a good day.

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One Response to Today, I was perfect.

Melissa Ortolani said...

That's so great! I told you that you have talent! Don't doubt yourself again!

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