Utah: one year later

Today marks exactly one year since I moved to Utah. To commemorate it, please find below a list of what happened this past year. I might to a photo retrospective as well. If I find the motivation.

This past year, I:
- started graduate school
- turned 26
- started learning guitar
- bought a longboard
- sprained my ankle
- completed my first paid documentary job
- went to Vegas (twice)
- learned to love hiking
- made a photomotion with friends
- fell in love
- got my heart broken
- kissed a few boys
- saw She & Him, The Decemberists, and Bright Eyes live at the Twilight Concert Series
- bought a bike
- moved to Park City for two weeks to work at Sundance
- read some really great books
- got over my fear of having my picture taken
- moved downtown to an apartment
- adopted cats with Kristy
- found a type of hat I can wear (big. floppy. sunhats.)
- started new jobs and left old ones
- went 9 months without seeing my parents (my longest stretch ever)
- got a little bit tan
- went camping twice
- slept under the stars at Heather's cabin
- baked a cake with a flag inside
- learned to love oatmeal
- got a little bit crafy (and even bought a sewing machine)
- played a few too many games of truth or dare...
- watched so many movies
- survived two weeks of strep throat
- learned that the only person you can count on is yourself
- spent far too many hours crying
- threw some really fun parties (why can't I just make a career of that?)
- floated in the Great Salt Lake

I think that about sums it up.

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