how to change your life in one summer

Warning: I'm about to pat my own back for an entire post.

I decided at the beginning of the summer that this would finally be the summer I did all the things I've intended to for a long time. Try new things, learn guitar, cook more, read more, etc...

I've had this sticky note on my computer for the past month or so, reminding myself of the things I want to do.

summer goals:
-eat healthier
-read more
-find a way to enjoy working out
-take more pictures
-make a movie
-write a short script
-learn guitar

What I've noticed, as I'm trying to do these things, is that I'm doing lots of new things...boating, camping, playing frisbee, learning to longboard. And I'm loving it. I love feeling like I've accomplished something, even if I haven't. I love feeling like I can conquer challenges and become somehow more than I am.

If that makes any sense. Which it probably doesn't.

My point is (if I have own) that I'm awesome. And summer is great. And sometimes, changing your life is really as easy as deciding to do just that.

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