music monday - Katy Perry

Want to know a secret?

I love Katy Perry. (OK, it's not really a secret.)

Specifically, the song "Teenage Dream". I can listen to it anytime. I never get tired of it. Ever. (Kristy* can testify to that) It always makes me want to dance, and when I want to dance I'm happy. Therefore, this song=happiness. I know these things, because I had to take logic in college.

So, even though I'm sick at home in bed today with the worst sore throat ever (seriously, I think it is swelled shut, and I am SO HUNGRY), I can still put this song on and be happy.

I am pretty lame, I know.

*You know how I know Kristy and I are great friends? Because when we're in the car going through radio stations and this song is on, she'll leave it there so I can hear it. Even if she doesn't want to. She also doesn't mind when I sing along.

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