Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Can I whine just for a little? Please?

I have strep throat. (and for some reason, whenever I type that, I want to spell it strept)

My throat had been a little bit sore since Friday, but things really escalated Sunday evening. I took some Tylenol PM hoping for 8 hours of deep sleep, but at 1:42 AM I was wide awake. And tossing. And unable to swallow.

I knew it was time to admit I was sick, and made an appointment at the health center for later that afternoon. It was rainy and gross, and I had to wait for a while before I was seen (even though I had an appointment). When the doctor felt my neck the first thing out of her mouth was "Oh my, that's not good." Not very encouraging.

It turns out my lymph nodes and tonsils were so swollen that at first she thought I had a very muscular neck. Yeah. She took a throat culture (which was painful, b/c she couldn't get past my swollen glands to my throat) and the verdict is: strep.

I had to drop off some exams off for the professor I TA for, and was hoping not to run into anyone I knew, but of course I did (in sweats with wavy, un blow-dried hair, and no make up). And then hit every red light possible on the way home.

Then Kristy texted me that she had tickets to the Jazz game last night, but I was obviously too sick to go. Which was a bummer, but not a tragedy. Until I found out they were playing the Sixers last night. Yes, I missed out on tickets to the Jazz playing my hometown team. And they lost.

So you can see how it was really an awful day. But there were some bright spots...

Heather came over to watch The Bachelor finale and brought Frostys. And Brad picked Emily! Also, the doctor prescribed a diet of ice cream, pudding, and other soft foods until I can swallow properly again. So my Lent boycott of sweets is suspended for a little while.

Here's hoping I'm well in time for my Spring Break trip next week.

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