that time in Palm Springs

Before I got the plague this past week, I spent a lovely weekend in Palm Springs with two old good friends, and one new good friend (at least I now consider her one!).

The weather was perfect, the food was fantastic, and the company was even better. I can't imagine a more relaxing weekend than reading by the pool, nights in the hot tub, and more good conversation than I've had in ages. This may sound strange, but it was an inspiring weekend.

It's easy, living so far away from what I'm used to, to become disconnected from the way I used to live my life, the goals I used to have, etc. Life in the west is truly different from everywhere in the country. And being reminded of that was refreshing.

Anyway, I know the title suggests a specific story, but really, it was just that time in Palm Springs that I needed and loved.

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