Dear Sarah

We've been friends for 11 years. Can you believe it? We are completely different people, but we grew up together, grew into each other.

I say this because we're texting back and forth on a Friday night and you're a little panicky about the boy. And you asked if you could call me please in a few minutes.

Of course you can call me. You can always call me. And if I have my phone on me, I will always pick up. Every time.

We're mirrors of each other, you and I. You say that a lot. And if it's true (and it is) I'm perfectly happy with my reflection. 

A lot of the time when people talk about love and friendship it's in terms of 'always'. I'll always love you. I'll always be here for you. But sometimes never promises are just as good.

I'll never judge you. I'll never be too busy for you. I'll never think you're crazy/irrational/unreasonable, even if you are. I'll never ignore you. I'll never question that you can do whatever it is you want to do. I'll never let you settle for less than you deserve. I'll never let you forget how much you're loved.

We promise each other a lot that we'll never leave the other. I never will. I will never leave you.

Love, Jo

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