I have cable again.

I went a year without TV. I watched stuff on Netflix and Hulu and it was really fine. But I missed watching the news while I got ready, and the Food Network and HGTV. Because really, who is going to watch those things on Hulu? I like them in the background or when I'm working out, or even when I'm with my parents because they make the best comments.

So now I have a bunch of channels, more than I'll watch. And do you know what I've been watching? Nick at Nite and Sex and the City. Yeah. Shows I've seen a million times. There are too many choices! I don't even know what to watch. I hear great things about Intervention and Hoarders and Pawn Stars...but they all sound sort of sad to me. I tried a reality show about relationship experts On Demand, but I've never been good at watching people embarrass themselves.

What should I watch?

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