First two days

H'ok. So.

(You should imagine me saying that the way the guy at the beginning of this video does.)

Day two of Body for Life is almost over, and it's been great so far. D has struggled with the eating plan, but I have confidence in him doing what he says he'll do.

For me, eating has been good and bad. I've stuck to the plan, but honestly there have been some meals I just haven't enjoyed. Now, that mostly has to do with things like buying a bad brand of whole wheat wraps so my turkey wrap was gross. And the fact that I'm trying to train myself to like eggs because they're so darn good for you (and easy, and fast, and cheap). Salsa has become the MVC (most valuable condiment) in my life.

In good news, I finally conquered a protein shake recipe and made a deeeelicious shake this afternoon. In case you're interested, the recipe (and by recipe, I mean vague ingredient list) is below. My problem so far is that I get really hungry between meals, but then can barely finish most of them when I start eating. I think I need to work on getting the portions right, I don't think I'm getting enough protein at each meal yet. So far, no real cravings. Occasionally a thought of something will cross my mind, but I haven't have that OMG I MUST EAT A BROWNIE RIGHT NOW feeling. So yay.

As for the workouts, yesterday was upper body. You pick two exercises for each major muscle group and basically do a pyramid workout. My weakness is definitely my chest/shoulders. I never work these areas out really, so that's where I'm sore today.

Today's workout was cardio, a 20 minute HIIT workout that I am LOVING. I really like changing up the intensity every minute or so, it makes the time fly. D was a good sport, even though he hates running.

Protein Shake
- 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (the brand I have is gross, which is why I had to add stuff)
- 1 tsp (approx.) PB2 (peanut flour)
- 1 tsp cocoa powder
- 3/4 cup milk
Shake shake shake.

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