5 days...made it!

I'm five days through BFL and there were times that I didn't think I'd make it. Tomorrow is my 'free' day where I don't work out and basically eat whatever I want. So you know...I have plans for tomorrow. And yet I know that I'll probably ditch half of them because my eyes are bigger than my stomach. But that's probably a good thing.

I got an exciting package in the mail...the Eating for Life cookbook! First of all, I love cookbooks. And second of all, I think D will be really happy I ordered it (thank you, $100 Amazon gift card). Because he can only pretend excitement at chicken with rice and a veggie so many times in one week. (Although he did go nuts for lemon pepper chicken with pasta and green beans. Go figure.)

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about not planning my meals for tomorrow, and spending some quality time with myself. Because, kids, life is about to get crazy. In a good way (I hope), but still...this might be my last 'veg out and do nothing but watch chick flicks (just finished The Vow) weekend for a while.

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