busy bee this weekend

Somehow, I went from having a completely free and open weekend (the first in quite a while) to being busy every night.

Andddd I have a ton of things I want to get done:
- clean my room
- wash/change sheets (soooo annoying but so worth it)
- bake something! I'm in a baking mood lately, so I figure I should go with it.
- grade papers (don't so much want to as have to)
- write Monday's lecture (see above)
- paint my nails!
- run! This stupid sore throat has been preventing me and I'm so anxious to get running.

A lot to fit in between weekend plans...but I figure if I write about it maybe I'm more likely to get some of it done.

But am I starting on any of these things? Nope. I'm going shopping because I want a new nail polish color. 

PS: I'm seeing The Lorax tomorrow and I really want to make these cookies!

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