music monday - Hate it or Love it

Today I was running, and what you have to understand about me is that my tastes are a complicated matter. My music is pretty eclectic, and that holds true for my gym playlist. So one minute i was listening to Matt & Kim and then The Game featuring 50 Cent came on. And it made me run harder (in reality, I upped the speed on the treadmill).

Do you know this song? Hate it or love it the underdog's on top, and I'm gonna shine homey until my heart stops. 

I'm a pretty big fan, even though I mostly just relate to the chorus. It may seem dramatic to say that I have haters. But the truth is that everyone does. There are people in our lives who would rather see us fail so they feel better about themselves. Who are so competitive that they can't be happy when good things happen to us. That measure themselves against us and hate our success. That is the truth.

It's also the truth that sometimes, without realizing it, we become the haters. Think about it. Mostly, you're happy for the people in your life when good things happen to them, even if you're in a bad place. But there are some people who you just don't get excited for. Am I right?

This is sort of my anthem for when the haters get me down.

Go head and envy me, I'm rap's MVP. And I ain't going nowhere, so you can get to know me. 

I may not be rap's MVP (in fact, I am most decidedly not that)...but I like the message.

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