music monday and best intentions gone awry

So this running thing. It's awesome. Seriously. However...running outside in Salt Lake makes me really sick. Not in a metaphorical way, in a literal losing my voice, sore throat way. The combination of cold, dry air and pollution really did a number on me this past weekend. And I'm so frustrated, because you're not supposed to get sick when you're trying to work out, right? I was trying to do something good for me, and instead I'm stuck sounding like a smoker.

Oh well. Best intentions, right?

Which brings me to the song for today. Years ago I heard Heather Small's 'Proud'...can't remember where. I immediately put it on my gym playlist, where it has stayed. Fast forward and The Biggest Loser uses it as a theme song, as well as (get excited!) The London 2012 Olympics!

Now, I love the Olympics. And every time I remember they're this summer it makes me happy. I was trying to find the original video from when they were bidding for the games, it had the song and a bunch of school kids talking about the Olympics, and was really fun.

But I couldn't find it.

I did, however, find something just as good. Behold, a new(ish) promo video for the games featuring the song and a really clever gimmick. My favorite are the fencing businessmen.

Anyway, not to be too cheesy, but I hope if you're one of those people who needs motivation/inspiration that this can be it. At least for the next ten minutes or so.

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