inspiration, Sundance style

Remember when I moved up to Park City for Sundance and basically disappeared from my own life?

That's now.

And while I should be sleeping, I'm awake.


Because I'm thinking. In a good way. Not only have I seen some amazing films lately, but I took part in an interactive media event with hitRECord (Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production project) that has really rejuvenated me, creatively speaking.

JGL (aka the Hotness) talked a lot about story telling, and creating, and it was exactly what this burned out grad student needed. I really needed to be reminded why I'm trying to make films. To feel, and to think. And to help others feel and think. To not feel so alone. To be vulnerable. We creative people, we really are different from everyone else. There is something inside us that urges us to connect and express and not be scared even though it's scary.

I guess what I'm saying is that if I have to be kept up at night, inspiration is a pretty good cause.

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