guess who's back?!

Me! Duh. It's my blog.

Sundance 2012 is officially o.v.e.r. And I couldn't be more excited. Or more depressed. I'm complicated.

I had an amazing time this year, and I am so so so glad I went. However. I am exhausted. I really haven't known what day it is for the past couple weeks, and I am a little concerned about getting back to Real Life.

But...I have clean sheets. Which are always worth the trouble. And I decided to spend some of my per diem (money they give me for food, but it's basically enough to feed me for 3 months) at the outlets on the way back to SLC.

The fruits of my labor? I'm glad you asked.

A Columbia parka that looks similar to this, but with a pink shell. I needed something waterproof and this was on incredible sale!

A chambray shirt (the one I got super cheap at Old Navy was just not cutting it).

Base layer running tights to keep me warm when it's chilly. Supposedly they'll keep me cool when it's hot, but we'll have to wait and see on that.

An adorable top crazy cheap from American Eagle that I cannot find a photo of online. So just trust me.

Since I spent a few days before Sundance getting rid of a ton of clothes I didn't wear anymore (evidence below) it only seemed fair I replace some of it. I'm still on the hunt for a good pair of winter boots. I love my winter boots, but they are not really meant for heavy duty snow/hiking. I've found some I like, but I'm not into spending $100+ right now...

Sorel Caribou boot - love the utility look, don't love the pricetag

See those piles? I was only halfway through.         

OK, I'm done with this weird shopping/welcome back to me post. But it was a nice distraction from all the work I'm avoiding.

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