in which I don't get to hit anything

I have anger management issues. These stem from the fact that I have (mostly) unhealthy coping mechanisms, and no method to release the rage that occasionally builds up in me. A couple weeks ago I was so angry that I literally wanted to hit something (which hasn't ever happened before), and so I thought 'Hey! What a great idea! I'll hit something.'

And thus, my interest in boxing. It seemed like a great way to get my aggression out, and get a good work out as well. So I began researching. I found a local class and planned on going this past Tuesday. But then Professor British Accent (who I TA for) decided we needed to chat after class, causing me to miss my class.

Undeterred, I planned all week to go on Saturday. I went to bed early(ish) on Friday night after The Weepies concert, and was up and out the door by 9:10 on Saturday morning. 'I'm so motivated!' I thought to myself, smugly, in the car. And then...I found out that the gym is closing so they aren't holding classes anymore.

That sound you hear is the air being let out of my metaphorical tires.

OK, minor set back. But I had a plan B. Another gym was holding a class at 2. So I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, went home, baked a little, cleaned my room, etc. I decided it would be a good idea to call this other gym, just in case, and thank goodness I did. For the summer, they move their Saturday class to 10:30, but could I come during the week? They'd love to have me.

Why does it feel like the world is conspiring to not let me hit something?! All I want to do is take up boxing and be like those scenes from that one JLo movie in which she learns to box to beat the snot out of her violent ex-something or other. Only minus the violent ex-something or other. And her butch haircut.

ps-please note the tags: cranky and whining. I am clearly horrible.

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