almost another new year

School starts again tomorrow. I have a feeling my schedule this semester (between work and school and TAing) is going to kick my trash.

Even though summer doesn't officially end yet, it feels like it's already gone. And there is a lot I'm going to miss about it:

campfires|swimming|late nights playing guitar and singing|watermelon|smores|longboarding|no homework|camping|flip flops and shorts|bright nail polish|late late nights because you don't have to be anywhere in the morning|freedom

Does anyone else make resolutions at the start of a new academic year? I actually make them at the start of every season (maybe I'll do a post on my summer resolutions). I love fresh starts.

So, for this semester, I'm going to:
-attend all my classes
-write more
-start working out again (I'm actually looking at taking a boxing class!)
-work on my thesis film plans
-not be so hard on myself
-eat real food (instead of living on cereal and sandwiches)
-finish decorating my new room
-keep practicing guitar

It seems like a lot right now...we'll see how I do. I'm really looking forward to Fall.

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