how to wear yourself out

Get a minor sore throat. Stay on a shoot all day then stay out late.
Wake up early and spend the day outside in cold, light rain holding a boom mic. Ignore sore throat and stay up even later than the night before.
Wake up early for a meeting, teach two back-to-back lessons. Take brief nap in the sun. Smile at roommate's family dinner even though you just want to sleep. Finally admit you are feeling sick. Take Tylenol PM but don't get any sleep (this is key).
Go to the health center. Make sure your throat is so swollen that you can't swallow and even breathing deeply hurts. Don't take any pain medication, then get stuck in traffic on the way to the grocery store. By this point you should be really hungry because you can't eat anything. Watch The Bachelor.
Realize that the penicillin (large pills) they gave you to get rid of your horrible strep throat should be eaten with food. Realize that the ibuprofen you'll take so that you can swallow a little should also be taken with food, but you can't swallow yet. Go to a night class even though you are starting to lose your voice. Curl your hair so you don't feel so gross.
If everything is going well, this day should blend into...
Eat nothing but mashed potatoes, pudding, and chicken noodle soup. Lose your voice even worse. Get motivated and clean your bathroom, go through your clothing, and paint your nails. Start vacuuming but then get very fatigued, leaving the vacuum inconveniently placed.
Start to feel a little better. Go to Walmart because if you don't leave the house you'll die of cabin fever. Wander around for a while on the phone with your dad. Daydream about eating solid food. Go watch a movie with a friend, and stay there until midnight.
Drive to Vegas. Stay up very late.
Walk around for ten hours in Vegas. Stay up very late.
Drive back from Vegas. Celebrate the fact that your throat only hurts a little when you swallow. Stay up very late because you're body does not know what time/day it is.
Take the last of your penicillin. Try to figure out where the last ten days went. Blog about it.

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3 Responses to how to wear yourself out

Katie said...

Oh HI! I didn't realize you had a blog... until last weekend and then I read lots of posts because I like it! And I was going to tell you on Sunday but you were in Vegas, being sick, so now I feel like a creeper because i'm telling you ON your blog. Weird.

PS I'm glad you're feeling better :)

Jo said...

Haha, I thought you knew!

Don't worry, I don't think you're a creeper :)

Kristy said...

Hehe remember how the vacuum is still inconveniently placed?

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