the city never sleeps it'll slip you an ambien

Last night Kristy and I watched The Biggest Loser while I graded midterms. In this episode they went home for two weeks, and one of them went home to New York City. She ran the Central Park Reservoir that I walked by every day.

Ever since I have been aching for New York.

(in the Central Park Zoo - colors edited)

I have so many amazing memories of the park (with dates, with friends, with myself). I need to find 'my' place in Utah. Somewhere I can go when I need to get away and get lost.

New York has this amazing quality about it, that makes it feel like it's your city. I'm probably just being sentimental, and not remembering all the stuff that sucked about it. But right now, I miss my city.

*title from "Empire State of Mind". obviously.

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