How many blondes does it take to turn on a light?

I'm a teaching assistant for an intro film class, which means a ton of students in a big auditorium in a really old building. There are a variety of things I do for this class, including holding discussion groups, grading papers and tests, etc. But honestly, the thing that gives me the most trouble is turning on the lights.


It's not just flipping a switch. There are these two knobs with a bunch of numbers on them that control various sets of lights in the auditorium. And it's my job to turn them off and on. It's harder than it sounds: you have to push in and turn back and forth (I think at one time you just turned in one direction), and I can never get it to work right, so the professor always comes over and does it, and then makes some slightly patronizing comment about how they are hard to get the hang of. In his defense, he's British, so the patronizing part might just be his accent.

It's embarrassing. I do the same thing he does every time, and they just won't work for me! And then I feel all awkward and unqualified to be in grad school because how could I possibly film a movie if I can't even turn on the lights properly? So for the next few months I'll have a twice weekly dose of minor humiliation.

Would it be weird if I went in there early to practice?

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