Grocery shopping fail

While on the phone with my mom this past week she asked what I was eating. Not at the moment (since I don't eat on the phone) but in general. This is sort of a general concern of hers, as I imagine it is for all mothers who are thousands of miles from their children and haven't laid eyes on them in six months.

I realized I didn't know. I can tell you that I eat cereal for breakfast, but other than that, I have no idea what I eat during the week to survive. I'm pretty sure it's a lot of turkey sandwiches (I kind of have a thing for turkey sandwiches), but I couldn't really confirm that or even tell you where they come from.

So in response to that scary fact, I decided to go grocery shopping after grading some papers, in an attempt to buy real food that I would cook and eat so I don't die of scurvy. Which would suck.

But do you know what I ended up with? Nothing super helpful. Witness, below, the pathetic shopping of a single, mid-20s grad student:
-string cheese
-cinnamon rolls (in a can. I've never bought these, but they sounded appetizing.)
-one bag of spring mix lettuce (now sitting in the lettuce graveyard in the fridge, where other bags of lettuce go to die)
-ice cream
-cat food

Seriously, going to die of scurvy.

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