Nowhere to run to, baby

Kristy and I decided to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, and since I now live approximately 4300 feet higher than I'm used to, I need to do quite a bit of training. Not only am I running at a higher altitude, but it will be quite cold on November 25 at 9am.

To prepare, I've been reading a lot about conditioning yourself to run at high altitudes, and training to run a race in general. I came across this video, and I think it is pretty wonderful.

I have no intentions of running a marathon (ever), but I am a sucker for triumph of the spirit type things like this. I hope you are too.

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One Response to Nowhere to run to, baby

Katie said...

HEY! I feel like a stalker so this is me telling you I found your blog and I'm reading it. Remember how I'm running this with you guys? Remember how I haven't run for weeks except for one random one? Yeah... should be fun...

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