Hello, 26

I have officially entered the last year of the mid-20s, and you know what? It feels the same as 25. A lot of the time, birthdays feel like prom: there's so much build up that it can't live up to your expectations. Usually about month before my birthday I'm excited, then 2-3 weeks out I get moody because I start reevaluating my life, then as the big day approaches (about 1 week out) I get excited again. But then it arrives, and much like New Year's Eve it's anticlimactic. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful day (to be described below), but it's never quite the life-changing experience I expect.

My day started earlier than I had planned, since some of my friends forget about the time difference and they call early. But, things picked up when Kristy made me french toast for breakfast, and bought orange juice (that might sound random, but orange juice is a big deal and I never, ever drink it). Then I went shopping and met a friend for yummy Greek food at Greek Souvlaki in SLC. It looks like a fast food joint, but it's delicious.

When I got home Kristy had made a birthday cake as a surprise. Every year, my mom makes me a carrot cake in the shape of a pumpkin with orange cream cheese icing, and a jack-o-lantern face made of chocolate chips. Well, my wonderful roommate knew how homesick I'd been lately and made just that! (But with an icing face instead)

Last night we went to Witches Night Out in Gardener Village with a few folks, and I was so impressed with how much effort people were putting into their costumes! Clearly I need to step it up for next year, since I just wore some striped tights and a witches hat (which we tried to put on the cats).

Then we had late night cake. But no ice cream.

A great birthday, definitely. I think the best thing about birthdays (besides the cake) isn't that you're reminded what a great person you are, but you're reminded what great people you have in your life. I feel really lucky that even though I'm so far away from most of my favorite people, I was still able to talk to them and catch up. And there will be even more catching up tonight, when the festivities continue with an NYC reunion dinner. Yum!

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