They've all come to look for America

Remember the time my dad and I drove from Pennsylvania to Utah? It feels like months ago, but it was actually this time last week.
This is Ohio. I think. All the pictures are pretty terrible b/c they were taken out of a car window.
Illinois at sunset. We stayed in Joliet the first night.
On the second day, we stopped in a tiny town in Iowa for gas. The signs there were all in German and English.There was also a lot of flooding in Iowa. This picture is so blurry but the tree is mostly under water. We were really lucky that I80 wasn't washed out.
This is Nebraska. There were a lot of windmills in Nebraska. And it was very flat. We stayed the second night in Kimball, NE.We made it to Wyoming the next day, and since we were making such good time we stopped off a couple times to take pictures. But this one was taken from a moving car...
Dad was excited to finally have the chance to get his camera out.

We made it to Utah by 3:30 on the third day. It felt unreal to be driving through terrain so unlike what I'm used to. I was really dreading this trip (because I hate being stuck in the car), but it was a really great opportunity to see the country I call home but didn't really know much about. Being out here has really made me realize how different the East Coast is from the rest of the country. It's going to take some getting used to, but I really think I'm going to like it here.

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