Made it!

This is a little belated, but Harv and I arrived in SLC on Saturday. We promptly unpacked the car and headed to IKEA for furniture. Normally I love IKEA, but lately I've been getting what my dad calls "store rage." Basically, I cannot stand to be in a crowded store with people who are not watching their children or are standing in the middle of aisles or other inconvenient places. I completely understand that you need to consider/discuss the furniture, but MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. Seriously. And please, do not bring your 5 children under the age of 10 to IKEA. It is just not the place for them unless they are well-behaved.

Moving on. I was seriously stressed about finding a bed (the options at IKEA weren't great) but my dad convinced me to go into a store across the parking lot, Denver Mattress. We found a great bed, and unbelievably it fit in the car with all the furniture boxes.

Harv and I are pretty fantastic at assembling things, so the furniture was put together in no time, and I am almost settled into my new room. I love the house, and of course I love my amazing roommate, and I am sure that in no time I'll love Salt Lake.

I'll put together an post on the actual road trip soon.

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