That time I went to Colorado

I won't go into details, but circumstances last week led me on a solo trip to Grand Junction, Colorado. (interesting note: on the east coast, we say Colorahhhdo, but not with that much emphasis. Out west, they say Colorado, with the a like in apple.)

Most people probably wouldn't take a mini vacation alone, but being by myself doesn't bother me, and in fact is sort of refreshing. My amateur phone pictures don't do it justice, but this area of Colorado is absolutely breathtaking.

The drive is short (just over 4 hours) and easy (cruise control is boss!), and somewhat scenic.

On my first night I went to a painting class, which was sort of terrifying because I'm not artistic in that respect. But I'm pretty pleased with the results.
The next morning I hiked in the Colorado National Monument. The views were amazing. I wish it was in my backyard, I could see myself doing a lot of hiking if it were this accessible.

That afternoon I visited the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

And walked around adorable downtown Grand Junction.

On my last day I was pretty lazy and did a lot of reading and watching 30 Rock. But I did manage to make it to Palisade (just east of GJ) to wander around some vineyards and orchards.

Solo traveling isn't for everyone, but I loved it. Because I used to travel for work I'm not bothered by eating alone or even going to a movie alone. If you aren't comfortable sitting alone at a restaurant, get takeout! Go to a movie on a weeknight (I saw Five Year Engagement, so funny!) if you're worried about what people will think. But really, don't worry, because you aren't in your hometown, so you don't know anyone. 

I do want to mention that I was very safe about this trip. At least one person knew where I was at all times, when to expect me back, etc. I meant to get pepper spray (D has been bugging me about it forever), but couldn't find any close by before I left SLC. 

On a sappier note, being on this trip made me realize in a very real way one of the reasons people get into relationships. As much fun as I had doing whatever I wanted by myself, there were times (a lot of times) when I just wanted D there so he could see what I was seeing, or so I could tell him something. I think we all have a desire to share our lives with someone, or as Sarah says, to have someone witness our life. This hit me when I was alone on this trip. But it's true what they say...distance makes the heart grow fonder, and we had a great reunion when I got back.

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