So this happened...

Yesterday was a bit rough, for silly reasons. See, D was getting back from a weekend at home, and I was pretty excited to see him. But then, his plane was leaking engine fluid so they had to switch. Delayed an hour. Then the next plane also had mechanical difficulties, delayed another hour. And so it went until D was delayed four hours in getting home.

And I was distraught. I was just down about missing out on Memorial Day afternoon with him and the gorgeous weather and I didn't want to run errands. But grocery shopping is a huge necessity on BFL so I had no choice. I was on the phone with Lauri and told her I'd decided to wear a shirt to cheer me up.

I picked this one.

In case you can't tell, that heart is sparkly. I wore a sparkly Mickey Mouse shirt to the grocery store. Lauri made endless fun of me, but I assured her I wouldn't see anyone I knew, and I love this shirt because I got it when we went to Disneyland. To be clear, I would never wear this in a real way. (I told Lauri I wouldn't wear it in the real world, and Utah doesn't count.) Usually it's a shirt I wear to bed or when I know I'm not leaving my apartment.

Well, not two minutes after getting to the grocery store what do I hear?

That's right, I ran into someone I know. In the shirt. At least the awkward kid guy getting the carts from the parking lot told me it was cute.

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