music monday - Pearl Jam for yoga?

Early morning on Mondays and Wednesdays I have yoga. I signed up as a way to relieve stress and bring a little more 'ohmmm' into my life to replace the 'ommmmmmggggg'

And so far? It's working. I get this great yoga buzz going and it stays with me most of the day. (Except on Wednesdays, when it's gone by 7pm because I still have 3 hours of class left and I just want to go home!)

On the first day of class my instructor told us that she likes to use non traditional yoga music (I guess instead of the usual new age stuff) and since then we've been treated to Radiohead, Sigur Ros, a bunch of artists I don't know, and Pearl Jam.

At first I thought this song might kick me out of my zen relaxation, but it's actually perfect.

So, enjoy! Breathe deeply. Namaste and all that.

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