Take back, part I

As part of an effort to take back my life, I decided to start with taking back Ensign Peak.

It's one of my favorite places in Utah, and there are few things I enjoy more than going up on a Sunday afternoon, or any afternoon, really, and sitting for a while on a rock overlooking the valley. It's peaceful, and it reminds me how very big the world is, and how very small I am.

But the last time I went up, I got some bad news. Have you ever gotten bad news while standing on a cliff? No? Count yourself lucky.

This past Sunday I layered up (forgot the earmuffs though, for the wind) and started the trek up a very muddy trail.

There were times when I told myself it was stupid to be wading through mud, uphill. But I kept going. And sometimes I stopped, to take pictures. (All taken with my phone, b/c I left my camera in the car.)

Mostly, though, I just looked at the scenery and kept trudging. I was determined to reclaim this peak for me. To make new memories and erase the old ones. To take back my place.

My shoes are still caked in dirt. And my ears were cold for half an hour after I left. But friends, it was totally worth it.

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