music monday - The The

Ever seen Empire Records? It's one of my favorite movies. In middle school my friends and I watched it probably once a week. We celebrated Rex Manning Day with cupcakes and would routinely quote it in response to just about anything.

We knew about the character who was cut from the movie in the editing room, and where you could catch glimpses of her. We knew all the words to "Sugar High." We figured out which characters we all were. It was sort of a magical time.

In the last scene they all go dance on the roof, and "This is the Day" by The The plays. This is the song that gets me back to a good place and makes me hopeful when I'm feeling blah about my life. The video is verrrry 80s but the song is fantastic.

I love the chorus...this is the day you're life will surely change, this is the day that things fall into place

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