I am not an interior designer.

But sometimes, I wish I were. (Was? Were? I can never remember.)

Anyway. I have this bedroom, and it is kind of boring right now. I have one painting hanging. And a few picture frames. I want to make the space more 'me' but I'm struggling. I saw the photo below and I really love the idea of totally overwhelming the walls with decor, but my problem is that the largest wall spaces are over my bed. Not the safest place for heavy frames.

from nymag.com via several other websites

I'm thinking this should be my post-Sundance project (apart from catching up withe school, that is). I've decided to give myself projects for when I'm not doing school work so that I don't spend my downtime watching Lifetime movies and talking to the kittens. I am just not ready for that level of pathetic-ness.

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